A client came to Underwood Mold to create an entire product line of injection-molded electrical boxes for residential and commercial construction. The client would be competing against longtime industry producers and chose us as a partner due to our 40-year reputation in the industry as an injection molder with the experience to develop equipment, design tooling, and the capacity to fill high volume orders on tight deadlines.

This project required us to build 78 single-cavity prototype molds in eight weeks. Then an additional 64 multicavity production molds were completed in 10 weeks.  Stainless steel molds were built in order to mold PVC, which despite being a more challenging resin to work with, performed well during our processes. Underwood provided the customer with regular tooling progress reports to track tight timelines. Once the tools were in production, Underwood’s in-process testing and inspection included dimensional checks on every shift as well as fit and function quality checks. Within a few days of being placed into production, we started weekly shipments of finished product to our customer, demonstrating the flexibility, responsiveness and reliability that Underwood offers all of its customers.

This project showcases our manufacturing expertise and the kind of collaborative work that characterizes our ability to meet customers’ needs.

Everyone on the Underwood team, from upper management to operators, worked together to make this project come together in a timely manner, from mold design to shipping finished product.

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Each phase of the project was completed on time and within budget.